Welcome to the new Shoestring Century.

Let me orient you. The first version of this site was a conversation-with-myself type of blog, in which I would freely post sheet music, political diatribes, demo recordings, movie reviews, to-do lists, and any other pressing thought.  That mutated into The Terrible Awakening, a site that really had no audience in mind.  The Terrible Awakening hasn’t gone away forever, but it is now time, on the eve of my 25th birthday, to try something different and very old fashioned:  Writing to communicate a thought as clearly as possible to a reader, in the hope of starting an exchange that will prove valuable to all involved.

We all know that our culture is, in certain pockets, or seen through certain lenses, dysfunctional.  This site will acknowledge grim realities, but it will always seek to build.  I think of myself as a contributor to the culture, not as a critic.  No, I don’t live in a basement.

Shoestring Century , like our actual century, will reveal its form and function as it comes into being.  I hope you’ll respond.


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